July 12, 2011

Stefan's Cat in the Hat birthday party

We had so much fun planning and getting ready for Stefan's Cat in the Hat-themed 2nd birthday party a couple of weeks ago.
The boys really helped to get everything together when we're out in the stores and even help to paint a few things which made the whole experience so much more fun and special. Here are some of the photos of the food and decor.
The cakepops I made (for the first time) turned out to be the biggest hit of the party. For the cake I made a cakestand and just wanted to keep it simple with cupcakes with cotton candy on top (to look like Thing 1 and Thing 2's wild hair). Just be warned that it melts quick so add this at the last minute. At the top I put a small round cake covered in colored fondant and finished with fresh fruit around the edge. In between the cake layers I put fresh cream and fresh fruit. So yummy. I never got to take a photo of the inside of the cake since it was gobbled up so quick after I cut it. I also filled the cupcakes with a strawberry cream filling. For food we had ham sandwiches, a veggie tray, sausage rolls and fresh berries. 
For decor we had or course balloons and I made a double sided hanging "quotes" from various Dr Seuss books from here. I bought Dr Seuss fabric on Etsy and made my own bunting to hang outside on the canopies we put up against the heat.
For fun things to do, I had bubble mixture out, there was a 'pin-the-hat-on-cat-game' and I painted Cat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 on a display board and cut out the faces to make a fun photo prop. I also wrapped a big piece of wood I had in brown paper and red and white striped paper and on top of that painted with blackboard paint so the kids could draw on there with chalk. We also printed off black and white coloring pages from here for them to color. We have a sandpit anyway which the kids enjoyed and to beat the heat we had fun just running through the sprinkler outside.
As party favors I wrapped a cakepop in cellophane together with a pin-back button and Dr Seuss pencil. 
Here are some of my sources: 
Party package  @ Etsy store (etsy.com/shop/boogaboo - link )
Vistaprint.com - Priting invites, thank you cards and stickers. If you search you can find great online voucher for vistaprint and get discount on prints or postage which helps.
Hobby Lobby - Balloons, plates, popcorn boxes, birthday candles, wood number 2 cutout I painted in shiny blue paint.
US Toys - Dr Seuss party hats, Dr Seuss pencils, Dr Seuss stickers
Amazon.com -  Cat in the Hat figurine on top of cake
TheBakersConfections @ Etsy - Straws 
LoveBugButtons @ Etsy - Pin back buttons
XOgigi store @ Etsy - Dr Seuss fabric
Sprout - fun candy and colored chips 

 Getting some help making the cake.
 The cakepops was a huge hit. I'll make this again. So much fun.

 The cake stand and cake with Cat in the Hat figurine.

After opening the blue and red candy I bought I realized it was gum balls and probably not appropriate for 2 year olds so the boys and I threw it in this funny twisty bottle we found around the house. It was suppose to be a guess how many game but also not really a game 2 year olds are into, but it made a fun decoration.

 The party favor as thank you.

This was also originally going to be a 'fishing' game with paper clips attached to them and a magnet fishing rod but we never got around to doing that.
 Pin the Hat on Cat game and bubble mixture.
 I saved a few tin cans to use as containers.

The sausage rolls went so fast I hardly had time for a photo. Just bought some puff pastry and cut hot dog sausages in 3rds. So easy and yummy.

 I made his little tie shirt from Dr Seuss fabric I had left over.

 The aftermath.
 now... playtime!
The coloring area which later doubled as eating area. The little plastic chairs I got at a local supermarket for $2 each!

 My beautiful family
Opening the presents!


  1. This is one of the most beautiful birthday parties I have ever seen. LOVE the Dr. Seuss theme. So, darling!! Your family is beautiful and your creative eye inspires me.

    xo gigi fabrics :) xo

  2. Lovely theme, beautifully captured - must have been one fantastic birthday party! Well done!

    Carina x

  3. How did you make the cake pops?? Are they easy to make?

  4. Can be tricky but with a little bit of practice it can be done. Here is a tutorial of how I did some monkey ones but it can be modified for anything else. http://boogaboophotos.blogspot.com/2011/08/monkey-pops.html

    I also sell them on my Etsy store: www.etsy.com/shop/boogaboo

  5. Where did you find the cute quotes from the books that you have hanging up?

  6. We have a bunch of the Dr Seuss' books here at the house that I got some from but I also got a bunch from here: http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/61105.Dr_Seuss
    Hope that helps. Maybe try your library or when you search for Dr Seuss quotes there are a few more sites that might be helpful.

  7. Awesome work! Very inspiring! Where did you get the Dr. Suess and Thing One/Thing Two photo opp boards with the red/white stripes (with the holes cut out for the kids heads to peak through)?
    Also on those Dr. Suess quotes from various books, how did you get those Dr. Suess images behind the quotes to be faded a little?

  8. @ The Quinones Family. Thanks for the compliment. Sorry for the delayed reply. I made the board. I used the tri-fold display board (bought at Michaels/JoAnns) and covered it with striped wrapping paper using sprayglue. Then drew the figures by hand and cut-out the heads. Not perfect when you look up close but the kids loved it and we still play with it around the house.

    For the quotes I used InDesign. I'm a graphic designer so I have those packages at hand. I'm thinking of adding them to my Etsy store though so if you're interested I can send you the link to that to print off on your end.

  9. I've been looking at Dr. Seuss themed parties, for idea's I hadn't thought of already for weeks now... for my twins thing 1 and thing 2 first birthday party coming up. And so far the board you made with face cut outs is the most awesome and original things I've seen by far. It is sooooo cool that you made that and now I've decided I HAVE to have one! (after I find someone to draw it) :) Just really wanted to send a compliment on this party. Sooo awesome