November 21, 2010

All Aboard! It's a train party

We had a very busy weekend with Charl's 3rd birthday party. Since his brother had a Circus Train (will make this another post) in July he has been saying that he wants a train cake too. He is a Polar Express fanatic and we watch the movie at least twice a day so it was a great choice for a train/christmas theme. Luckily it is a great time of year to have a xmas theme party which made it easy to shop for decorations. I made the invitations, train cake, meringues and train sandwiches. All the little friends came in their pajamas and by the end they were all sugared up and happy. We bought him a Polar Express model train set for his birthday and he is in seventh heaven and can't get enough of it. Better stock up on batteries!

Train sandwiches - three layer pb&j square sandwich at back, piece of hotdog at front 'glued together with cream cheese. Mini cheese filled crackers for wheels, pretzel sticks for the pistons, cheese smokestack and popcorn smoke.

The cake - I used mixture of fondant and frosting to cover it all. The front of the locomotive is a raspberry cream filled roll cake. The rest of the train are 3 bread tin cakes cut down a bit to fit in on the cardboard. One passenger car is chocolate and the other vanilla with some strawberry jam spread on top. The light in front is a lollipop and the smokestack a marshmallow painted in black food coloring with two meringues stack on each other for the 'smoke'. The date on the side is usually 1225 (for Xmas) but I made it his birth date instead. The snow is first a layer of frosting, then some cream and icing sugar and caster sugar with sparkly sanding sugar sprinkled on top. The coal is also shiny black sanding sugar I found but doesn't taste too good.

A rare family photo

One very happy birthday boy

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